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Give a *beep*!

Done with feeling unsafe, nervous or frustrated in traffic? Start giving a beep about London cycling safety with this new kind of bicycle bell that encourages the Mayor to give a beep too.

This is how you give a *beep*

When connecting your email to the flic, every beep will send an email to the Mayor of London. The beeps are anonymously shared on the map as a manifestation of the traffic frustration and the data will be used to help improving London as a cycle friendly city.

I want to start beeping

First thing you need is a flic (if you don’t already have one). Then follow these simple step below:

  • 1) Get the app
  • 2) Connect flic with the phone
  • 3) Add action ’Give a beep!’
  • 4) Place button on handlebar
  • 5) Press when frustrated in traffic

Check out our tutorial

Influence fellow cyclists

The more the merrier. In order to create a greater impact we need everyone to get involved. Share this site on social media via Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere.

Influence opinion makers

Do you know a journalist? Are you a blogger? Is your mother in law employed by the parliament? Ace. Introduce them to the ‘Give a beep’-initiative. Need to sharpen your arguments? Engage with London Cycling Campaign.

Protect your head

Hövding created the first airbag for urban cyclists to increase safety on the streets. Our vision is to contribute to creating a more bicycle friendly world. Hence, this initiative.

Read more about the airbag at

This is a real time visualisation of the cyclist frustration in London. Explore the map to find endangered areas in your neighborhood and more secure routes on your daily rides.

hovding hovding

Too many of our fellow cyclists have grown accustomed to the risks associated with commuting in London.

We need new ways to channel the frustration that follows. Inspired by the good ol’ lifesaver, the bicycle bell, we at Hövding saw the opportunity of creating a new tool. A tool that would not only save your life, but the lives of other people too.

Together with London Cycling Campaign we’ve handed out 500 connected buttons to kickstart this movement created by Hövding, an innovator in cycling safety and creator of the airbag for urban cyclists.

Questions? Email our press contact or call +46733842507. Make sure to follow updates in Hövding's newsroom. This project is powered by Mynewsdesk